What World Do You Want to Create?

No one can lockdown your mind. And no one can lockdown your heart. There is power in those that no one has control over, but you. You are in control of how you view the world and how you feel about life. You choose where you put your focus. And what you focus on, in turn becomes your reality.

This may seem too simplistic or perhaps even hard for some – which I can understand. We have been conditioned our entire lives to view the world through our physical senses alone. And according to our physical senses, things could look pretty grim at the moment. But what if we started seeing things through our inner senses? What if everyone knew that a simple change in perception can help you see the positive? What if everyone understood the power of their imaginations, and that if you can see it in your mind you will see it in your life? Our inner senses help us expand our awareness until what we see in our mind becomes a physical reality.

As a simple example, think about this: you know when you are looking for a new car and someone suggests a model you’ve never heard of? You look it up online, ask people about it and maybe even imagine yourself driving it. Then all of a sudden, you start seeing this car – that you previously didn’t know existed – everywhere! Those cars didn’t magically appear. They were always there. But because of your new awareness and focus, you started seeing them in your reality. The same is true for everything we want to see in our lives. It’s here! We just need to open up our awareness to it.  

If you are focused on the negativity going on around you then that is all you will see. And the more you are thinking of it, talking about it and getting emotionally involved with it, the more you will see of it. But what would happen if you started focusing on what you want to see instead? What if you started thinking of the beautiful things people do for each other? What if you started talking about the love and care people give? What if you started getting emotionally involved with the idea that people are amazing and do so much good for each other and the earth? What would happen? You would start to see it all around you.

And it’s already here! It’s always been here – just like that model of car was always there. It’s up to you to open up your awareness to it. What world do you want to live in? What world do you want to create? Your thoughts become the things and events of your life and what you focus on is your choice. Can you imagine what life would be like if we all focused our hearts and minds on the peaceful, joyful, loving world we want? This is the world I am focused on creating. This is the world I see.

We are all connected. We are all one. And we are each the creators of our own reality.

What are you focused on creating?

Much love and gratitude,

Lauren xxx

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