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“I’m so grateful to Lauren for offering this beautiful and unique experience. I have gained so much from Lauren and the women who attend the circle. I would never have thought that I would be comfortable sharing personal insights and experiences in a group setting. Lauren creates such a warm, welcoming and caring environment that I feel happy to share in such a supportive group. I love being in the circle and appreciate the opportunity to listen to and be there for other women. I would highly recommend Lauren’s circle. Her warmth, love, positive energy and support stay with you long after the circle has finished. ”

Liz Flaherty

It’s hard to describe the loving security and sense of trust experienced when attending one of Lauren’s circles. Even if you’re attending alone and not sure of what to expect, you soon feel a sense of inclusion and reassurance. You can share as much or as little as you wish and nothing leaves the room.  Through meditation, automatic writing and lots of lovely chats, I found beautiful feminine energy, support, learning, understanding and a sense of peace.  I recommend Lauren’s circles to anyone who has a flicker of interest and the desire to make connections- with self and with other gorgeous women. 

Cherie Roessler

“Such a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Lauren is a wonderful host and really holds space for the group to connect and share on a deep level. Lauren facilitates the circle through a lovely blend of activities including meditation, visualisation, journalling, sharing and movement. I have been twice and, on both occasions, found the experience uplifting, relaxing and fun.”

Tiffany Rubans

“Lauren holds space beautifully, and helps all participants feel welcome and comfortable. Women’s circles are such a beautiful form of self-care, and Lauren makes this accessible for everyone. I am so grateful to have attended a few of Lauren’s circles so far, and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone!”

Alexandra Flynn

“I have absolutely loved attending Lauren’s circles. She creates a safe and sacred space for women to come and be embraced with love and acceptance. She honours each woman and meets us where we are at, allowing us to discover our own truth. Her circles are self-affirming, inclusive and empowering, offering deep insights through journaling, meditation and thoughtful inquiry. Highly recommended to any woman interested in connecting with themselves and with other women who seek self-reflection and personal growth. I can’t wait for the next one as it nourishes my soul. 

Amber Conner

“Lauren’s women’s circles are nothing short of amazing. The care she takes to make you feel comfortable and confident to be yourself is beyond words. I love that there is a new theme to work with each circle and that Lauren helps with the perfect amount of guidance to help you. I look forward to every circle, to be surrounded by beautiful women who are all there to support one another.”

Danielle Carse

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Phoenix Rising Sacred Circle is a space for soul nourishment and soul sister connection. It is a space for you to feel seen, heard and held with love and support.


This workshop is designed for those who want to live more deliberately and become the conscious creator of their lives.