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Phoenix Rising Sacred Circle


Nourishment for the Soul.

Phoenix Rising Sacred Circle is a space for soul nourishment and soul sister connection. It is a space for you to feel seen, heard and held with love and support.

Every Phoenix Rising Sacred Circle has a slightly different theme, but the intention is always the same; to empower, connect and build self-worth.

Visualisation, Meditation, Movement.

We delve into the theme of each circle through the use of visualisation, meditation, movement, journaling, sharing and other activities to inspire deep reflection.

Many women say that this experience helps in their own healing, personal and spiritual growth and deepens their connection to themselves and the women around them.

Magic truly happens.

When women gather together, magic truly happens, and as one woman told me:

“I love that every woman there had a unique story and differing needs, but that everyone’s needs were somehow met and we left the space lighter, in the process of healing and surrounded by new comrades.”

Each circle is a unique and beautiful experience and one you will carry with you long after the circle closes.

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We are currently running both IN-PERSON and ONLINE Sacred Circles.

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“I went to my first Women's Circle and it was incredible. Lauren was so welcoming and supportive. It was a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!”

Katie A

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sacred Circle?
A sacred circle is a group of women who gather in sisterhood to open their hearts, connect, feel and heal. It is a space to feel seen, heard and held in love, support and non-judgment. It is a space for soul nourishment and soul sister connection.  

As a women’s empowerment coach, the intention behind all my Phoenix Rising Sacred Circles is to inspire growth and self-love and to help women empower themselves in safe and loving space.
Is a Women’s Circle therapy? 

Some women say that being in circle helps them in their personal healing, but no, women’s circles are not therapy. There is no ‘topic’ we discuss but a theme we explore, and each woman has the opportunity to share as much or as little as she likes.  

Also, no one is there to give advice or “fix” anything. We all listen with an open heart and non-judgment allowing each woman to share, knowing that her story matters, how she is feeling matters and that she is able to express herself freely.

Does is matter if I’ve never been to a women’s circle before?

Absolutely not. Many women arrive having never been in circle before, know no-one and tell me afterwards how pleasantly surprised they were at how at ease they felt from the moment they walked in. And this was what one of them said to me, “I don’t think I’ve ever walked into a more welcoming space! It was truly wonderful!”

Do I have to speak in front of the group? 

Absolutely not. I always give the opportunity for everyone to share, but as we go around the circle if you prefer not to say anything that is perfectly ok. No one is expected to share, but the space is there for you if you choose to. 

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I am here to help you see your own light, feel your worth and become the conscious creator of your life.

Women's Circles

Phoenix Rising Sacred Circle is a space for soul nourishment and soul sister connection. It is a space for you to feel seen, heard and held with love and support.


This workshop is designed for those who want to live more deliberately and become the conscious creator of their lives.