A Sign From the Universe

Last Sunday I drove to Buckley Falls and asked the universe for a sign. A sign that it was listening. I stood at the lookout and started meditating. I asked the universe a question, cleared my mind as much as I could, relaxed and allowed myself to be open to receive…

A short while later I thought, ‘how will I know if the universe answers me? What sign should I look for?’ (Or more accurately, what would I manifest?) As instantly as I’d thought the question, bluebird came to mind – a bird with blue feathers, not an actual bluebird. A minute or two later I opened my eyes and laughed at myself as I was scanning the cliff and the sky- as if I would see anything that instantly!

It was a short but beautiful meditation. I felt centred and happy and had no expectation that I would see any blue bird. I was just grateful to be feeling peaceful.

I turned back towards my car, but something was pulling me towards the bush path nearby. My intuition was telling me it wasn’t time to go yet.

I came to a clearing by the river among the gum trees. It was so peaceful. No-one else was there. Just me and nature. I reminded myself that there was no rush. I was allowed to be here having my own time and space. I sat down facing the river and looked ahead. And there, 10 meters directly in front of me on a tree branch over the water… was a blue bird! A ‘splendid fairywren’! It sat there flitting around for a moment or two before flying off to the next tree and out of sight.

This was an almost indescribable moment for me! It was like I gained such clarity and yet it felt surreal at the same time. I felt an intense and beautiful connection with everything around me. I was filled with joy, love, peace… it was as though invisible arms wrapped around me in a warm embrace.

The universe definitely let me know it is listening. But more than that, it made me feel so loved, and reassured that I am never alone.

Much love and gratitude,

Lauren xxx

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