A Lesson from my Child

Earlier today, my 3yr old wanted to do some chalk drawings with me. He said “you can draw a dinosaur.” Now, I’m no artist (can you tell!), but when he saw my attempt at a Stegosaurus he exclaimed “Wow, mummy! That’s amazing! You DID it!!” He was so excited and genuinely impressed and I thought, how perfect is that! My little boy didn’t see the imperfections, he saw the beauty, the intention, the achievement and joy in creating purely for the sake of creating.

What a beautiful lesson from my child. A reminder to enjoy the process, see the beauty, allow yourself to try something you ‘can’t’ do and appreciate the outcome no matter how it looks… there is good in everything.

I’m so happy that when he asked me to draw a dinosaur, I didn’t say “I don’t know how,” or “I’m no good at drawing,” or “I can’t.” My children are learning from my behaviour and if I want them to be willing to try things without being self-critical, I need to do the same. We become what we think about, and I want my boys to be thinking “I can!”

Big lessons can be found in small moments.

After my dinosaur I drew a love heart and when my little guy saw it he said, “That is so beautiful. A love heart means, I love you. I love you, mummy!” and gave me a big cuddle.

I am so blessed!

Enjoy all the small moments in life.

Much love and gratitude,

Lauren xxx

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